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La Furtiva | Blanc De Corbera | 2017


Yellow and white fruits with refreshingly balance acidity.




11% ABV

A very young Òscar Navas cut his teeth working for the famed Mallorcan winery 4 Kilos. It was there that La Furtiva was conceived. From a strong draw that he felt to his grandmaternal hometown in Terra Alta Òscar decided to stop working for other winemakers and instead conceive his own project in Batea.

In 2017 Òscar used the cellar of a friend in Terra Alta to produce his first vintage, a tiny production of a white wine that expressed his region perfectly. An arid Mediterranean region, with hot days, a salty and fresh afternoon wind and cooling nights due to its elevation. These are qualities that give his wine a concentration that is in turn balanced with acidity and freshness. The region is famous for its ‘panal’ soil, one with high sand content and little water retention at the surface. Vines struggle to reach the water table deep below and the result is low production, small bunches of grapes and an intensity in flavour.