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Rieffel | Cremant D'Alsace | 2017


Toasty yet crisp, green and yellow fruits with a hint of ginger spice.




12% ABV

Lucas Rieffel is third-generation winemaker of this family estate.  Lucas took the reins in '96.  Having spent time with other winemakers he saw a different approach than his forefathers and slowly made changes over the years.  Sum of these changes resulting lead to organic certification in '09.  Other changes in techniques along with single vineyard holdings a great jump in quality has also been seen.

Only three people work at the winery for the 10 ha estate, one of which has been there for over 40 years, the soul of the business having worked back with Lucas' grandfather.  This estate is a great representation of community, of how knowledge is being passed down from three generations and how the status quo keeps being challanged.